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Geometry course provided by Class2Learn has been specifically developed to align with the Common Core standards for high school. Thus, everyone ranging from high school freshmen to seniors have the option to choose it and acquire knowledge expeditiously. This course

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Perimeter and area are fundamental mathematical concepts of great significance. They facilitate the measurement of physical space and serve as a basis for other mathematical concepts such as algebra, trigonometry, and calculus. Perimeter is the whole length of the boundary of a shape, while area quantifies the extent of the shape's surface. Proficiency in the concepts of area and perimeter is essential for professionals in several fields, including architects, engineers, and graphic designers. Moreover, these mathematical principles are highly relevant and indispensable for individuals in general.  

Transformation encompasses the actions of spinning, reflecting, or translating shapes on a coordinate plane. A transformation refers to a broad concept encompassing four distinct methods of altering the shape and/or position of a point, line, or geometric figure. The initial form of the thing is referred to as its pre-image. Conversely, the final form and location of the object is the image produced by the transformation

Three-dimensional geometry, or 3D geometry, is a mathematical field that focuses on the characteristics and connections between objects in three-dimensional space. Unlike the commonly known two-dimensional cartesian plane, which is defined by two intersecting axes, usually labeled x, y, and z.



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