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eGrove Systems is a brand dedicated to providing high-quality online learning services. Our expertise includes complete LMS (Learning Management System) development, content management, and enriched user experience. We set global standards for online, blended, and digital learning. We build communities and information about quality online learning while fostering innovation. We are committed to working with educational institutions to provide the best possible approach to today's learning challenges.

Who We Are
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What We Do
We create apps to make your learning fun and exciting!

Our eGrove Systems’ team understands the needs of educators and students in high-tech learning environments. We offer the best online learning services to meet their needs.

Our Quality Online Education Services:

LMS Development: An all-in-one software solution for planning, implementing, recording, tracking, and reporting knowledge- and competency-based training programs.
Creating Educational Content: Our software programs enable users to combine text, media and interaction to create educational content, lessons and courses.

Learning platform support: It integrates interactive online services to provide teachers, students, parents, and everyone involved in education with information, tools, and resources to support and improve the delivery and management of education.
AI-based learning solutions: Our AI solutions help you develop course-specific courses, identify student interest in topics, ensure personalized focus, and automate administrative tasks.

Class 2 Learn – eGrove Systems’ Brainchild

eGrove Systems is an educational technology company backed by a team of experienced educators who have created lessons, learning materials, course models and exams through extensive research and quality curriculum design with a focus on student engagement.
Class 2 Learn was designed to make online learning and homeschooling accessible to all students. Our goal is to connect students and teachers and make learning easier by offering finely tuned courses in the form of ebooks, videos, slides and reference materials.
Class 2 Learn uses SCORM-compliant packages to create learning materials. Teachers can manage courses and easily add content while controlling what students can access. Using a custom assessment workflow model, students can take assessments, measure their progress with quick and easy assessments, and provide actionable data about their classroom experience.
Video-based self-paced courses are also available for students. Students can regularly attend bootcamp classes offered by different teachers on different topics.
We also provide resources to help students find information about scholarships offered by other organizations and institutions. We also work with educational institutions and government agencies to establish, organize, and maintain online platforms for K-12 learning and assessment.

Class 2 Learn Unique Features:

  • Quality teaching materials
  • Experienced teachers
  • Online-centric teaching methods
  • User-centric mobile-friendly design
  • Assessments and activities that challenge students
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