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Building a Productive Study Environment at Home for Online Classes

Building a Productive Study Environment at Home for Online Classes

You joined online classes to master a new skill. You’re ready to study, but is your home safe? Online classes sound interesting, and a quiet location where you can join group discussions, listen to your professor, and do other academic tasks is essential to academic achievement.

Make a productive space where you can study easily. Your house’s filth or loud noises should be your last concern during an online session.

How do you make a home study space? This essay contains essential methods to maximize apartment productivity and attention. Keep reading.

Choose a location

Select a nice, tranquil spot first. A desk in a quiet bedroom, a kitchen table, or a terrace room away from the commotion are all options. Choose a place where you can relax and focus on virtual learning. You should study in a designated place and attend online classes there.

Remove distractions and use the room only for learning. Fewer distractions mean higher study focus. Virtual learning doesn’t require a room or office. . Just find a quiet area where you can focus better. You can also switch your learning space to ensure you don’t feel bored.

Keep your space clean and organized

Choose a space where you can access a desk, shelf, and drawer for keeping things organized. Drawers are a must for your stationery, while shelves can accommodate your books. A desk can be used to hold your laptop or smartphone (whichever device you are using for your learning sessions).

Keeping things organized won’t just help you find your study materials quickly; it will also boost your focus. Students tend to concentrate more on their studies when their study desks are clean and the stationery is organized well. Even if you don’t have drawers or shelves, you can invest in small items, like a zipper pouch for your pen, pencils, and small stationery stuff.

Lighting is important

The blue light emerging from the screen can strain your eyes and disturb your sleep pattern. This can have a very serious impact on a student’s nighttime routine if they have the habit of attending their online classes before bedtime. The effect is worse for kids who study in rooms with dim lighting. Try to choose a space that exposes you to natural sunlight. If that’s not possible, get a lamp or other artificial lights that you can hang right above your desk. Proper lighting will improve focus and help you spend screen time without straining your eyes.

Plan your online sessions

If it’s a live online class, your only option is to stick to the pre-determined time. However, if you can watch the recorded sessions, you will have more flexibility regarding when to attend the session. For instance, if you buy a skill course on a digital platform, you will get to learn at your own convenient pace. That’s great news for moms and people living in an apartment with lots of distractions and noise. If you have a busy schedule, you can pick a time for these classes when you will be relaxed and won’t have kids around.

Invest in a comfortable chair

The ideal piece of furniture for studying at home is a comfortable chair that offers you perfect posture. The chair should have a height that matches your desk and allows you to comfortably place your hands and accessories on the desk. A bed is never an ideal option for studying, as it’s way too comfortable for someone who wants to focus on studying. You will probably end up falling asleep. An ergonomic chair that feels comfortable and helps keep your back straight while maintaining a proper posture is your go-to furniture for online classes.

Manage Time

Wall-mount a clock beside the desk. Knowing how much time you spend in online classes helps you arrange your day. Even if a class has a set number of hours per session, time management is vital. Revision and practice may require a few minutes. You can also take notes or join group discussions after class.

Purchase plants

Create a peaceful rainforest in your study with plants and flowers. You might be shocked to learn that plants do more than decorate. Plants’ green tint boosts creativity and productivity, research shows. Plants also clean the air, lowering headaches, weariness, and attention. Next time you’re out, get a succulent or two for your study environment.

No More Distraction

The most basic but crucial step in setting up your online study space is removing distractions. If you take online classes on your phone, disable social media notifications. Put your phone on DND mode to avoid unnecessary calls during your learning time. Other than that, put your video games, TV, and other distractions away from your study table.


It is your learning space, so you can design it however you like. Use accessories that give it a personal touch and boost your productivity. For instance, if you like the smell of certain plants or flowers, put pots on your desk and use other minimal yet productive items to improve your concentration. Colors also affect your focus. So, choose colors that are neither too bright nor too dull. They should motivate you to work harder and focus better. How you create your study room and design your desk depends totally on your likes and dislikes. Create a space where you feel comfortable sitting for hours and where you can focus better.

Try scheduling study time

Your days and weeks may vary, but a set study time might help you focus each week. If weekdays are busy, do schoolwork every Saturday morning before leaving to enjoy the day. You can relax or explore for the rest of the day!

Tell your family or roommates

If you live with family or roommates, inform them when and where you’ll do your schoolwork. This way, they won’t interrupt your job.

Bottom Line

That was all about building a productive study environment at home. With fewer distractions, adequate lighting, comfortable furniture, and personalized space, you will get a space where you can focus easily. Follow these tips to turn your space into a dedicated study room for online classes.

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