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Our Team

Muthukrishnan Govindaraj

CEO of eGrove Systems

Krish Govindaraj holds an M.S in Project Management from the Florida Institute of Technology and a B.S in Computer Science from M.K.University. Krish has more than 20 years of IT experience in diverse fields such as teaching, digital marketing, project management and product development and has worked for various fortune 500 companies.

Suresh Sivakaminathan
President and CEO of Datasys Consulting and Software Inc.

Mr.Suresh Sivakaminathan manages Information Technology & Management Consulting firm with a vision to provide Integrated Software Solutions, Product Development and IT Support Services across multiple domains.

Emily Valverde
Ilango Chinnasamy

Mr.Ilango Chinnasamy worked as a Post graduate assistant after Masters, lecturer after his Ph.D in 1989, postdoctoral research for four years, and in 1996, he decided to switch careers to computer software. During his academic career, he taught chemistry to students of all ages. Since 1992, he has been teaching Tamil to foreign students in the US. He created a curriculum for all levels of students in this language school. Aside from learning and social activities, he is actively involved in community service.

Aravindan Ganesan
Aravindan Ganesan
Business Coach, Personal Coach, Motivational Speaker, Creator of Entrepreneurs

Mr.Aravindan Ganesan is a SCORE Certified Business Coach/mentor. He is the President of Gizmotron Corporation, USA. He has more than 30 Years of Experience in IT (IT Management, Program Management, IT Security, Audit, Risk and Compliance). He has established seven successful businesses in USA and effectively manages multiple teams of HR, legal, sales and consultants across the globe.

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