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Online Tools for Making Interactive Lessons, Quizzes, and Games

Educational games and other interactive lessons are a fun change of pace for students. They can also increase student engagement within the classroom or during virtual learning. Now it’s easier than ever to find platforms for running games and quizzes online and creating your own without any advanced knowledge. Check out any of these easy-to-use tools used widely in schools across the world to make a more lively and engaging classroom experience. 

Quizizz is a site for online learning games including many ready-made games on a variety of topics. You can use it to fill in lessons or cover additional material, introduce new material or reinforce teaching before assessments while engaging with students. Participants can answer questions on their own devices, and insights and reporting about every answer will be saved for the teacher to review later. You can display the questions and multiple answers on the screen for participants so they don’t need to look back and forth from the presentation screen.

Quill is a great site for teaching reading and grammar in a fun way. English teachers who are covering certain language topics or trying to give a refresher on grammar for students who haven’t studied parts of speech and sentence construction in a while can benefit from using it with their students. Quill Lessons can show interactive slides to students and teachers can review each student’s progress to know who needs more instruction.

Kahoot is a game-based learning platform where teachers can create their own multiple-choice quiz games and invite students to virtual rooms where they can play by entering the PIN given by the teacher. It’s hugely popular among teachers as a way to make fun learning games that are easy to share with students.

Answer Garden is another platform for creating learning games where students can participate and submit answers. Answer Garden lets teachers send QR codes that students can scan to receive prompts for questions to answer or send other kinds of classroom feedback easily.

Edpuzzle is a tool for turning videos into interactive lessons, whether you find educational videos online or record your own. EdPuzzle is used by more than 50% of US schools. You can edit the video to insert voice instructions, questions, and prompts, and assign it to students so you can track the progress of each one through the video lesson. With its open class feature, you can assign videos to students even if they don’t have an account.

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Pear Deck is a neat presentation tool for adding interactivity to any kind of lesson. When the teacher is presenting, they can prompt students to give answers which will appear on the teacher’s dashboard in real-time. It can integrate with Google Drive, PowerPoint and other tools so you can use it with the technology you’re most comfortable with. You can use templates made for different subjects like social studies and math, as well as different types of challenges for students. Its Flashcard Factory tool can be used to create a vocabulary review flashcards with written definitions and visuals to make them more memorable.

NearPod lets you create interactive lessons from scratch or import from PowerPoints, Google Slides, or videos from YouTube. Invite students to lessons and view their progress with quizzes and collaboration tools, then receive useful insights from their responses, You can shift between in-classroom and distance learning approaches as needed.

Buncee is great for letting teachers and students create and share interactive content easily, especially for giving a visual experience with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Teachers can make visually exciting lessons and kids can use it to make their own presentations in a more intuitive and rewarding way than PowerPoint

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