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The Rise of Remote Learning: How Online Tutoring Shapes Education

The Rise of Remote Learning: How Online Tutoring Shapes Education


Online tutoring is gaining more popularity in recent years, as it is a convenient and effective way of acquiring knowledge. Virtual learners can maintain continuity in their studies while managing their time to perform other academic, professional, or personal responsibilities. After the implementation of new technologies and innovative features, the demand for online tutoring skyrocketed.

Popularity of Online Tutoring

Although online tutoring was slowly growing in the pre-pandemic years, it all started taking center stage during COVID-19. The pandemic highly affected educational processes, as schools and universities were following social distancing norms. During this global lockdown, online tutoring was a savior.


However, as mentioned, online tutoring had already started to rise before the COVID-19 years, as new technologies and intelligent tools were implemented across different industries, including education. The rise of e-learning started with virtual tutoring, verbal apps, video conferencing platforms, online learning sites, and more.


Remote teaching is gradually shaping education processes and giving rise to modern and more advanced education solutions each day. We can acquire innumerable skills, understand complex concepts, and even learn new languages with just a click of the mouse (or a tap on the smartphone). Education has never been this simple!

7 Ways Online Tutoring is Shaping Education

Remote learning is showing revolutionary impacts on the world of education with its intelligent tools and technologies. Here are some ways online tutoring is shaping modern education.

1.Interactive Learning

Virtual tutoring is an interactive and fun way of learning, as tutors and students can engage through interactive online classrooms and gain access to engaging study materials. Besides, learners can also interact with peers and collaborate on group discussions and assignments, which makes the e-learning process more fun and appealing.


Unlike conventional learning, where backbenchers mostly stay distracted, in remote tutoring, even the least attentive students will feel the energy and engagement. It will help them be more attentive in the online learning setup. Learners can gain a deeper understanding of crucial subjects through interactive web content like videos, images, diagrams, case studies, notes, statistical tools, etc.

2.Learn at your pace

The beauty of virtual learning is that students can learn at their own convenient pace, which is often challenging in a physical classroom. One can watch learning videos repeatedly or pause study materials in between to get into the depths of one topic before jumping on to the next one. The scenario is quite the opposite in a conventional learning environment, wherein educators can hardly cater to the individual learning needs of every student.


Using one-on-one classes, kids can grasp tough concepts better, which may not be possible in group learning. Learners can ask questions without hesitation and solve their doubts in an individualized learning setup. Modern-day tutoring programs are designed in a way that recognizes that every student’s learning pace is different.

3.Learn from experts

Online tutoring is highly expert-oriented since we can learn from international coaches and experts from diverse fields. This is not the case with physical classes, where tutors are assigned to a specific location. However, when you are learning on the web, your possibilities are endless.


In virtual learning, you gain access to a wide talent pool and a vast knowledge base. You can connect and interact with teachers across the globe and get an in-depth understanding of various subjects. Furthermore, in this expert-oriented learning setup, mentors can connect with pupils directly through webinars, online workshops, virtual meetings, and more.

4.Eliminate Geographical Barriers

The reason online tutoring programs are more convenient for a majority of students is that you can connect with mentors and peers worldwide. You can eliminate travel time and gain knowledge from home. If your favorite mentor lives in some faraway land, you can still connect with them online, provided you have a working device and a stable Internet connection.


Online learners have overcome geographical limitations and collaborate efficiently. They feel more motivated and attentive in a virtual learning space using interactive tools like chats, notifications, leaderboards, filters, hassle-free search options, user-friendly interfaces, etc.

5.Worth the Money

A well-designed online tutoring program can offer more value than the price you paid. They provide high-quality service by helping students connect seamlessly with the industry’s best experts. Students can access a broad pool of knowledge through numerous study materials.


What’s more, learners can be a part of a powerful community where peers help and interact with each other. It keeps every pupil motivated towards the common goal of learning. They actively participate in the community and help each other climb the success ladder. That’s truly inspiring for new joiners, too.


In some cases, a small setup with a board is all that is needed. Plus, you can save on your travel costs. On top of that, some remote tutoring academies also offer free trials for a week or even a month, enabling new and potential learners to try the services before enrolling. That’s called value for money!

6.Personalized Learning

Many online tutoring systems provide one-on-one classes where you can clarify your doubts. You can discuss your specific learning needs and shortcomings in your learning graph to help the mentor plan a better tutoring program for you.


Today’s educators focus more on addressing the individual preferences of every pupil. You will get personalized guidance based on your strengths and limitations, thus offering a holistic learning approach for your unique learning requirements. Besides, multiple personalized learning options, such as personal chat boxes, help the learner gain more confidence.

7.Easy Availability

Since learners are enrolling from across the world, online tutoring classes are available 24×7. One can access all the study materials anytime and anywhere. One can also choose a convenient time slot for attending classes. Even if students cannot attend live sessions, they can watch the recordings and keep up with the pace.


Furthermore, online tutoring follows an all-inclusive approach, allowing people of all age groups to learn because learning has no age limit. Individuals from diverse professions, occupations, races, and industries can apply for an online learning program. So, an online classroom can include anybody, from a child, a corporate employee, a specially-abled individual, a parent, to a senior citizen, who can enjoy the virtual learning experience.


Online tutoring has a promising future. It’s a boon for educators and learners alike, who can manage the entire learning process virtually without requiring them to travel anywhere. If you are willing to boost your learning and knowledge-gaining trajectory, enroll in your favorite course and enjoy learning.

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