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7 Ways Online Tutoring Can Improve Learning

The increased use of distance learning and video communication technology due to the pandemic has led to a lot of changes in education. In addition to regular classes being taught online, distance learning has huge potential for tutoring services to go online. Students can be matched to the best tutors for their needs, leading to more flexibility and effectiveness in teaching. Online tutoring management systems can help tutors organize their students and improve the quality of their services. These features make tutoring more valuable than ever.

Better Access and Choice of Tutors

With traditional tutoring, students are limited to tutors within their local area. If they don’t have the right subject matter experience for what the student is struggling with, students have nowhere to turn for additional tutoring. Online tutors can be located anywhere, so it’s easier to find one who has the right level of experience and knowledge suited for the student. In addition, students have more choices between different tutors. If one doesn’t help them improve their grades, they can choose another quickly and easily since they aren’t limited in options. 

Tutor trustworthiness

It’s difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of a tutor in advance. At best, you can get word-of-mouth recommendations from local tutors. However, it’s possible to find honest online reviews listed for people who offer tutoring services. By checking reviews online, it’s possible to get a better idea of what the tutor will be like before contacting them. Knowing whether you can trust and rely on your tutor is important because an irresponsible or inexperienced tutor can be a waste of time and money. 


Both tutors and students may have limited time in their schedules to hold sessions. However, online tutors can allow for more flexible scheduling. Tutors can list their availability online and students can choose ones who fit their needs. Scheduling can be done digitally, making it easier to set up initial meetings. In addition, the redundancy of traveling for in-person tutoring sessions is zero. This means students and tutors can hold tutoring sessions in shorter time frames than in-person classes.

Easily share materials

Students and tutors who collaborate online can share course materials easily through online learning platforms. Students can send homework or other assignments in advance so tutors can better prepare for the tutoring session and research teaching solutions. Tutors can share tips and recommendations with students outside of video sessions. 

Access additional resources online

Many online learning portals contain helpful lessons on all kinds of subjects, from math and language to science, coding, and history. Tutors can incorporate videos, quizzes, and assignments from these platforms into their lessons to give students more resources. Tutors who try to teach without a full complement of resources can end up wasting precious time, but if they use their online capabilities, they can provide students with more ways to study and learn.

Better organization and reminders

Online tutoring platforms can provide more structure to students and tutors, improving their efficiency. You can schedule appointments and stay on top of them, preparing in advance with all course materials to avoid wasted time during sessions. Getting reminders of important upcoming events and circumstances can improve the tutoring experience greatly. 

Online communication 24/7

Online communication between the student, tutor, and parent can improve the experience of tutoring. If students have a sudden need for tutoring help, they can reach out and get a response immediately. Parents can check with the tutor on the student’s progress to ensure they are working hard and improving their performance. Getting the tutor’s honest feedback frequently is helpful to students and parents. Students may need to determine whether to contact their teachers and schools with problems that need to be addressed by them rather than outside tutors.

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