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Online Tutoring Success Stories: Real-life Examples of Academic Improvement

In today’s day and age, education and knowledge are no longer limited to the walls of a classroom. The digital dominance has also intruded on the landscape of learning, with online tutoring classes and courses taking over. The trend has taken a monumental flight since 2020, when the COVID lockdown forced the closure of schools and classes had to be conducted online. 


Fast forward to 2024, and the marketing for online learning platforms is projected to be equivalent to USD 283.1 million in the next five years. Even when we tone down the conversation and talk in practical terms, e-learning, including online tutoring classes, has transformed the lives of millions of people. By offering quality education in an affordable bracket and within a flexible tenure, throngs of people are quickly resorting to online classes, and for good reason. Join us as we explore some real-life success stories of online tutoring.


1.Keerti Ahuja Cracks NEET


Keerti Ahuja is a 22-year-old student hailing from Meerut. She has a brilliant and inquisitive mind that is keen on quenching the thirst for knowledge. Keerti completed her Class 12th with flying colors but could not crack her NEET exams because of her inaccessibility to coaching classes that were super expensive and also did not facilitate flexibility. After a year of doing her Bachelor’s in Science, Keerti decided to take matters into her own hands.


She enrolled in an online tutoring class for NEET. It was much more affordable than the physical classes offered by Bigwig coaching centers. She did not even once say that the quality was compromised in any way. Her coaches were top-notch and had years of experience in teaching the NEET syllabus and enabling students to become future doctors.


After a year of rigorous coaching, persistent preparation, and relentless hard work, Keerti was able to crack her NEET exams with a superb ranking. She got inducted into the best medical college in Meerut and is currently pursuing her MBBS. Keerti thinks that a lot of the present success and stability is because of online coaching.


She was able to rewatch the tutoring videos again and again till everything was imprinted in her memory. Besides, the concepts were cleared with such precision and finesse by the only faculty that her doubts and reservations were very rare. Lastly, Keerti feels that despite being an online setup, her tutoring classes were incredibly accommodating. The culture of asking questions, thinking, and analyzing was encouraged, something that truly helped her ace the NEET exams.


So, Keert’s story is truly an example of online tutoring helping young minds crack even the toughest exams in India and become invaluable assets for the country. 


2.Priyanka Modi Becomes IAS


Priyanka Modi, a young girl who was born and brought up in Gujarat, always had big dreams. Throughout her school and college days, Priyanka has been a topper in her respective institutions. Owing to her endearing love for learning coupled with her unwavering zeal to bring positive changes, Priyanka decided to become an IAS officer even before completing her 12th. She began her preparations at home after her boards and continued doing so while pursuing her bachelor’s. But, very soon, she realized that the UPSC syllabus is as vast as an unending sea and she definitely needs professional guidance. 


Priyanka thought of moving to Delhi and enrolling in one of the finest coaching institutions in Karol Bagh, a place considered to be the hub of UPSC aspirants. However, the fee for the coaching amounted to lakhs, and daily living expenses paired with rent made things very challenging. Such huge sums of money were difficult to accumulate and she did not want her parents to take a loan under any circumstances. 


So, the next best thing for her was online coaching for UPSC. This online tutoring was much more affordable but of equal stature and quality to the courses offered at premier offline UPSC coaching institutions. Besides, online coaching also enabled Priyanka to focus on her college studies. After completing her classes and preparing relentlessly for one and a half years, Priyanka was able to crack her UPSC examination in the second attempt and become an IAS officer.


Currently, she is serving a district in Agra and is making changes in the community. When asked about her success story, Priyanka credits everything to those online tutoring sessions and her online coaches, who changed her perception of learning and knowledge. She feels that now, after being in a certain position of power and responsibility, she will do her level best to further popularize and incentivize online education and tuition for young minds. 


3.Aneesh Learns German


The third success story that we are talking about is that of Aneesh. He is currently pursuing his master’s at one of the best technical institutions in Germany with a scholarship. After completing his B.Sc. from a tier-3 engineering college, Aneesh was lost on how to move on in his life. He joined a corporate office in Pune and continued a 9-to-5 job for two years. But, deep inside, Aneesh always wanted to go abroad for his higher education but did not know where to start. 


He began investigating the matter and realized that Germany is an amazing country to study abroad. However, to be accepted into the public universities, he had to learn German. This was not possible while he was continuing his corporate job. So, he decided to opt for a German language coaching class online. The decision was successful and Aneesh became fluent in Level 2 German within three months. Thereafter, Aneesh was accepted into one of the best German universities and is now an international student. 




The three success stories mentioned above have one thing in common – online tutoring and e-learning. Their lives changed by leaps and bounds with just a few clicks. So, for anyone who feels trapped within their current life phase and desires to expand their horizons, online education and classes are an excellent choice. The quality, affordability, and variety offered within a flexible tenure is an absolute game-changer.

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